Master of Arts in International Relations


Master of Arts in 
International Relations
Curriculum International Trade

Università degli Studi di Palermo
Department of Political Sciences and International Relations – DEMS


The Master of Arts program in International Relations, taught entirely in English, aims to train new professional experts to be capable of operating, at European and international levels, in public and private enterprises, in the non-profit sector, in humanitarian associations, customs offices, international organizations as well as in European institutions and agencies.

– The curriculum “International Trade” aims at preparing high level experts, capable of developing and managing trade relations and transactions and commercial agreements at European and international levels. This program intends to create business consultants who are experts in international marketing and in developing and managing import and export operations. This specialization assures professional job opportunities at national and international levels. The program is also open to those in possession of a Bachelor or MA Degrees who want to specialize in the field of legal-political and economic issues and of the international trade and compliance at the European and international levels.

– The program addresses the following topics: international contracts, international trade (import and export); analysis of the ‘Country Risk’ and of the most important international trade agreements; international economy; European and international tax issues; international private law; compliance; systems of management and public law, planning and control of public and private enterprises. The acquisition of languages such as Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic will significantly strengthen the skills of the students.

– Within the Masters Program there is also a Path of Excellence which provides a period of internship for an effective professionalization of the students: Confindustria (General Confederation of Industries) Confcommercio (Trade Confederation), Consulates, Embassies, Research Institutes, Italian and Foreign private businesses will host the best students who will carry out an internship related to their thesis projects.

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