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At the end of the 1990’s – faced with a reform in the inheritance tax law – the owners of Nomos decided to sell the publishing house.

It was initially sold in 1998 to Springer (Scientific) Publishing. Shortly thereafter, Springer was itself acquired by Bertelsmann, and Bertelsmann promptly sold Nomos to the Munich-based C. H. Beck publishing house. The managing directors of the publishing house and the printing plant are Alfred Hoffmann und Wolfgang Bonin.

NOMOS is one of the few publishers with a “full-range” publishing program that allows it to present current topics in an interdisciplinary fashion:

Books (each year, Nomos publishes more than 850 books. The subjects range from traditional scientific texts to reference books and commentaries to course literature);

Scientific texts (the central publishing focus today is the issuing of outstanding scientific works from the fields of law, social science and the humanities. With nearly 700 new releases per year, these works also represent, numerically, the largest portion of our publishing program);

Literature for legal practitioners (a comprehensive collection of books for legal practitioners has evolved from the documentation of legal texts) Course literature (since 2008, Nomos Publishing has built up a broad collection of course literature in the field of law);

Professional Journals (Nomos issues more than 50 professional journals that reflect our entire publishing program and range from journals for practitioners to highly specialized scientific periodicals);

Electronic publications ( vrtually our entire publishing catalog is also available electronically. Books and magazines aimed primarily at legal practitioners are published via the database NomosOnline).